Why You Should Invest in a Certified Professional Photographer?

These days everyone has a smartphone on hand to capture a quick photo, but professional photography is still an art. When you want images that will last a lifetime, whether of your wedding day, your pregnancy or your family, you want to hire a professional who can create gorgeous photos that you can enjoy looking back on for years—and decades—to come.

But how do you know if a photographer is a certified professional? 

The easiest way to find a professional photographer is to look for the letters “CPP” behind their name. CPP designates a certified professional photographer and assures you that the photographer has the experience, knowledge and expertise necessary to provide you with the images you want.

Here are just a few reasons why hiring a professional photographer will benefit you:

Consistent Work

CPPs are consistent, ensuring that each of their clients receives great results and is satisfied with their images. They provide you with a gallery of photos that capture the story you want to tell, not just a few good shots. A certified professional photographer can capture high-quality images regardless of the circumstances, whether inside or outside, in poor or perfect weather. 

True Artistry

Photography is more than just pressing a button—it’s a form of art. CPPs have the expertise needed to create custom works of art that will look amazing on your walls, in your photo albums or even online as you share them with family and friends. Anyone can take a photo, but a CPP creates artwork that you will cherish forever.

Technical Expertise

Certified professional photographers have studied all the techniques required of a great photography, including lighting, staging, framing, posing and more. They use their skill and knowledge to create gorgeous images of the special moments in your life that fit your vision for your photos and provide you with artwork to enjoy for years to come.


By hiring a CPP, you make sure that you will work with a professional photographer, someone who will work hard and is committed to providing you with the best possible images. A professional wants to meet and even exceed your expectations, ensuring that you are satisfied as their customer and will be eager to work with them again one day.

Anyone can snap a photo, but a certified professional photographer captures memories, delivering images to each and every client that are truly works of art. 

Are you a photographer and interested in learning how to become a certified professional photographer? You can find it on PPA (Professional Photographers of America's website.