Family Portraits

Family Portraits

Yup, let’s not sugarcoat this part of the day. Family portraits can be everyones least favorite part of the day.

Tension can get high during this time trying to gather family, however, there is a solution to this! A family list! Prior to your wedding, I will contact you to help you make a family list. Let’s face it, if I just asked you for a list and just waited on you, it will be overwhelming and won’t get done.

As your photographer, it is key to be fast. I have a routine I usually do prior to evening seeing the family list. Then we go over the family list to ensure we have not missed anyone important.

But family formals don’t have to be “boring” photos. It’s a time of celebration so let’s show it! Doing fun photos keeps the tensions down and makes the process fun!

Together let’s make this a “painless” process and have fun!

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I believe in documenting your wedding as it is happening and not telling you how it should be; so, everything you see is real moments! I want you to remember those moments and all the feelings you had as you look back at your photos. “I feel like I am reliving my day and I love it, even the parts I didn’t get to see.” Brittani Whipple

I am a St Augustine wedding photographer; however, I also offer wedding videography too!  I also travel and even have been to Mexico to shoot a wedding!

I love photography because it has the power to freeze time, creating memories that will last for generations to come.