First Look

First Look

First looks are not just with your spouse, it goes beyond that! You can have multiple first looks on your wedding day. In fact, most of the weddings I have shot have been with multiple first looks. And those moments are so important to capture!

Brides have a first look at your girls. Fun suggestion, guys that include you too! They are super fun photos and hilarious memories to look back on.

First looks with your family, whether that is with your parents, your kids (if you have any), or with Aunts/Uncles. It doesn’t matter, those moments should always be special.

I love first looks with the couple as well because let’s face it, I can get two reactions! Two you ask? Yup! That private first look and then that first look as he sees you walk down the aisle for the first time. When that music starts playing as you walk down the aisle it is a feeling like no other, whether he has already seen you or not. Even I get emotional and I have been with you all day!

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I believe in documenting your wedding as it is happening and not telling you how it should be; so, everything you see is real moments! I want you to remember those moments and all the feelings you had as you look back at your photos. “I feel like I am reliving my day and I love it, even the parts I didn’t get to see.” Brittani Whipple

I am a St Augustine wedding photographer; however, I also offer wedding videography too!  I also travel and even have been to Mexico to shoot a wedding!

I love photography because it has the power to freeze time, creating memories that will last for generations to come.