8 Gift Ideas for Your Groomsmen

One of the challenges of wedding planning is picking out the perfect gifts for your groomsmen. You want to thank the friends you stand by your side as you marry the love of your life, but what do you give them? What gifts can best express your appreciation? Do you give them something they can use on the wedding day or something they can use in their everyday lives?

The best groomsmen gifts are useful on your big day and beyond. Give your best friends something they can hang on to and that will always remind them of the friendship you share. And you don’t have to give every groomsman the same item! If your guys have different interests and personalities, give each one a different gift that they will most enjoy.

A stylish watch

A classic and classy timepiece is the perfect accessory for your groomsmen on your wedding day and one they can wear for years to come. It’s also a gentle hint that they need to pay attention to the time in the hours leading up to the ceremony and the perfect tool to help them do so. If you want to personalize this gift a little more, add an engraving on the back.

Comfy slippers and robes

Why should the girls get all the comfy gifts? The guys can prepare for the day—and take some fun photos—in matching robes and slippers, and then take these comfortable gifts home to use whenever they want. Many men don’t think to invest in slippers or a robe, so you’ll be doing your friends a favor by providing them some home comforts that they can use to relax.

Alcohol accessories

Perfect for the guy who loves his beer, a homebrew starter kit is a great gift that allows your friend to dive into making his own beer. More of a whiskey man? Purchase some classy whiskey glasses for him to use to show off his sophisticated taste. Or keep it simple and buy a bottle of his favorite drink, whatever that may be.

Classic video games

If your best friend is a gamer, help him indulge in some gaming nostalgia with a Sony PlayStation Classic or Nintendo SNES. Both consoles come loaded with tons of classic games that your groomsmen can even play the night before the wedding or while getting ready. Just don’t let them get too involved in trying to get the highest scores!

Pocket knife

It’s always a good idea to have a knife handy, and this is a great, customizable gift for your groomsmen. Choose different designs for each of your friends and engrave a personalized message onto the blade to let them know how much you appreciate their support.

Travel case or toiletry bag

A useful and thoughtful gift, a travel case is something your groomsmen can use no matter where they go. It’s the perfect way to keep their toiletries organized on the go or to pack a few necessary items for a camping trip or overnight stay.

Leather notebooks

If you have a friend who loves to keep track of his thoughts and ideas, a leather notebook is a simple and elegant gift that shows how much you care. Choose a quality notebook with a thick binding and write a note on the inside cover to encourage your pal to record all his brilliant ideas inside.

Grooming kit

Help your groomsmen always look their best with a grooming kit that will ensure they look refresh and feel great heading into the wedding day. Plus, they can continue to use this gift before date nights and big work meetings.

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