Most people don’t enjoy public speaking, and one of the things you may be most nervous about on your wedding day is giving a groom’s speech. You want to express your joy at your marriage, your gratitude to your wedding party and families and you don’t want to bore everyone to tears.

Have no fear! We’ve put together some tips to help you write a groom’s speech that everyone will remember with a smile.

Take time to acknowledge the moment

While you should definitely bring the humor, it’s a great idea to open with a note of sincerity. Talk about what a special day this is and how much it means to you and your new spouse. This is your opportunity to acknowledge the people who have played a role in your love story, as well as the love of your life.

Don’t fret about tradition

Let’s face it, formal speeches just aren’t that entertaining. Many grooms think they need to keep their speech serious, but instead you should try to jump right in and get people laughing with you. That ensures your audience is eagerly listening to your every word and makes everyone feel more comfortable. A formal speech can make you feel stiff, and that will show to your guests as well.

Keep things light and funny (but appropriate)

Wedding days are full of emotion, not just for the couple, but for parents, family members and friends. You and your partner—and many of your guests—may have already shed a few tears during the ceremony, so a few light jokes during your speech are a great way to set the mood for the reception and remind everyone that they’re here to celebrate. Tell a fun story or anecdote about your relationship, but remember that your audience is diverse and keep all jokes appropriate and family-friendly!

Remember to thank everyone

While it takes a lot of people to keep a wedding running smoothly, you shouldn’t list out half your guests when expressing your gratitude. Instead, briefly thank your guests for attending and shout out your parents, your partner’s parents and the wedding party. Be sure to give equal time to both sets of parents so no one feels jilted.

Shine the spotlight on your new spouse

The main focus of a groom’s speech should be the most important person in his life: his new spouse. How often do you get to shout out how amazing your partner is in front of all your family and friends? Take advantage of the opportunity and let the love of your life know exactly how much they mean to you and how grateful you are for their presence in your life. Avoid cliché statements and instead focus on the specific traits you love about them. It doesn’t hurt to throw in a charming anecdote here as well.

Avoid speaking for too long

When practicing your speech, aim for at least five minutes but less than 10. You don’t want your guests to get bored, and you want to leave space throughout for laughter and the reactions of your partner and guests. On the flip side, if your speech is too short, people may wonder why you bothered giving a speech at all.

End with a memorable note

The ending of your speech should be something memorable and should focus exclusively on your new spouse. A final note about how special your relationship is and what you’re looking forward to in your future together is the perfect note on which to end your speech.