Do I Really Need A Wedding ALbum?

All too often images get left behind on a hard drive, however, it doesn’t have to be like that for your wedding! Wedding albums bring a whole new meaning to your images. Four of the five senses and “activated” when viewing your albums. I mean you can use all five but I don’t recommend tasting your album.

But seriously, you get to touch and feel the pages. You can hear the soft sound of the pages being turned and you can smell the freshness of the material that is all handmade in Poland!

It’s a whole nother experience seeing your images on an album rather than on a screen. It’s something you definitely will cherish for many many years and will not regret!

Not only does it “activate your senses”, but technology is also changing, and at a rapid speed! When I first started as a photographer, I would deliver images on a CD, then it was USB’s, and now the only time I offer a USB is in your album box. To download your images it is now done straight from the internet. We have moved to a digital world and now the only time you see your images are likely to be on social media. But what about years to come? Do we have to rely on social media memories to remind us to see our photos again? It doesn’t have to be like that! This is where having a wedding album allows you to go back and look at your photos not only for you and your spouse but also family and friends!

Often my family and I will sit down together and go through our wedding album creating even more precious moments together. Wedding Albums really bring people together and remind us of the start of the new life journey we started together.

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I believe in documenting your wedding as it is happening and not telling you how it should be; so, everything you see is real moments! I want you to remember those moments and all the feelings you had as you look back at your photos. “I feel like I am reliving my day and I love it, even the parts I didn’t get to see.” Brittani Whipple

I am a St Augustine wedding photographer; however, I also offer wedding videography too!  I also travel and even have been to Mexico to shoot a wedding!

I love photography because it has the power to freeze time, creating memories that will last for generations to come.