Sadly, in mid-2022, I was devastated to find out that legally I was forced to change the business name, again. Without my knowledge, “Divine” Portraits were trademarked. I was legally allowed to still keep Divine Studios, however, I would only be allowed to do business in Florida. As most of you know, I travel all over the world doing weddings, so this was impossible. Even though it was an extremely hard decision to make, I knew it was the right one, and it was time to change the name again.

So why Theiko Fos Studios? Well, Theiko Fos means “Divine Light” in greek. My Greek heritage has always been a part of my business so I wanted to be sure to continue it with the name change.

When I was asked “what makes you stand out mostly” the first thing that came to mind was my lighting techniques, So Divine Light just kept ringing in my ears every time I would think about it.

Unfortunately, Divine Light Studios/Photography/Photos/Imagery etc had been used by THOUSANDS of other photographers. How in the world could I be unique when so many people use it? How would others know if it was truly my photography work and not someone else’s or vice versa when so many people use it?

I also feared it would be trademarked as well since it is a popular name in the photography business. To my surprise, the trademark had JUST ended and it was available! But again, I loved it so much but it wasn’t unique.

And that’s when I decided to look it up in Greek. Immediately I fell in love and I knew that was it.

I also knew I was taking a big risk with it being in another language. How would people respond? It is definitely unique, but is it too unique it could hurt me?

Then I started to think of other brands such as Adidas, Audi, Dior, Aldi, etc All of these brands are not the easiest to remember but they are extremely successful.

So in May of 2022, I started the trademark process, unfortunately, it can take 12 to 18 months to receive the final approval. However, once the trademark application is approved in the system to begin the process, no one else can take the name. So soon we will be trademarked and no more name changes!