The Club at Bella Collina | Simonne & Jon | Engagement Session

The Club at Bella Collina

Situated in Central Florida, just beyond the Orlando region, The Club at Bella Collina transports you to a Tuscan-inspired haven as you journey through the scenic hills. The experience is so distinctive that you’d hardly believe you’re still in Florida! Whether you’re admiring the stunning Italian trees, the shimmering lakes, or traversing the enchanting tunnel leading to the venue, Bella Collina truly captures the essence of Italy, immersing you in its timeless charm. The Club at Bella Collina is the perfect Italian-feel wedding venue with the perfect Florida weather! Orlando wedding venues never disappoint and Bella Collina is by far one of the best!

Simonne & Jon

Simonne and Jon embarked on their love journey in 2020, right on the cusp of the COVID-19 shutdown. From the outset, Simonne sensed that this was a love that nothing could deter. As their time together deepened, Jon came to a profound realization that his love for Simonne was boundless and everlasting. What resonates most with Jon is Simonne’s profound love for the world around her. As for Simonne, she appreciates Jon’s patient and calming demeanor, reminding her that it’s okay to let go of the minutiae.


  1. What do you anticipate being the most special moments of your wedding day? We have some personalized surprises for our ceremony that I think will be very special to us and our loved ones.
  2. In 10 years, you and your fiance are looking at your wedding album; what do you want to stand out about your photography and the moments in your album? The most authentic moments like his reaction the first time he sees me in my dress, the happy tears, the reactions and faces from the crowd while we are at the altar.


Venue: The Club at Bella Collina
Hair & Makeup: LeJeune Artistry
Dress: Untamed Petals

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