Nick & Taylor

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To see full galleries, click HERE Taylor and Nicks’s wedding was located at the heart of the historic downtown St Augustine. Their wedding venue was at the Treasury on the Plaza. Treasury on the Plaza originally open their doors in the 1920’s being the very first national bank. n 1926 the construction began, the same year […]


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Tattoo’s Well when you meet me, you will see I have a tattoo sleeve on my left arm. I get so many compliments on it and always get asked the story behind the sleeve. So for all the tattoo lovers out there, here is my tattoo sleeve story. My tattoo sleeve was created by Derek […]

My Family

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My Family I was born in Stamford, Connecticut, and moved to Jacksonville, Florida when I was just five years old. I now live in St. Augustine, Florida with my husband and our two wonderful children, Athena and Nikolas. In case you can’t tell both our children are named in honor of my Greek heritage and my […]

2018-2020 Award Winning Images

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Andrew & Violet

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Everyone likes to tell the story of how they met their significant other. Well, almost everyone. If you asked Andrew and Violet how they met, they might have told you that they were introduced to each other by a mutual friend at a bar, or maybe that they ran into each other while getting coffee […]

Katelyn & Shelton

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Watching the excitement of these people from my own St. Augustine, I knew I had to find them! I leaped off the couch and started searching online. Unfortunately, the video wasn’t up yet, and all I had to go on was the first name. I did my best to find Shelton and his lovely fiancé, […]