Yup I'm Greek!

I was born in Stamford, Connecticut, and moved to Jacksonville, Florida when I was just five years old. I now live in St. Augustine, Florida with my husband and our two wonderful children, Athena and Nikolas. In case you can’t tell both our children are named in honor of my Greek heritage and my grandmother who came to the U.S. from Greece in pursuit of the American Dream. Her strength and determination inspire me to this day, pushing me to achieve my goals as a photographer, a mother and a wife.

My Family


My husband, Evan and I got married on our 7 year anniversary in 2017.

We have two kids, Athena and Nikolas. We also have a French Bulldog, Drako. No not from Harry Potter, even though we do love Harry Potter.

Drako was actually named after the first recorded Greek legislator of Athens.

Always Being Goofy!


We are all goofy and absolutely love playing board games. Any of the Catan board games are my absolute favorite!

Sadly (ok not really), My husband got me into Critical Role, so every Thursday is like our little "date night" after the kids are in bed.

We love Wyrmwood and look forward to when they release new videos on their YouTube Channel, Wednesdays and Fridays.

My husband loves playing Disc Golf but together we love watching all the competitions on JomezPro YouTube Channel.

Why Photography?



I love photography because it has the power to freeze time, creating memories that will last even longer than your lifetime. Your wedding photos will be cherished by your children and their children, and you deserve images that truly capture your spirit and your love.

I’ve been taking photos since 2012, when my husband bought me my first professional camera for my birthday. Since then, I’ve had the joy of shooting over 300 weddings. I am so blessed to be helping couples capture their love stories for generations to come.

Fly High Matt

On Thanksgiving Day, 2018 my world was flipped upside down when I lost my brother in a motorcycle accident.

We are exactly 10 years and 10 days apart. He passed away 3 days until my birthday and 2 weeks from his 24th birthday. When together, everyone ask if we were twins. We would always say "Yes, just 10 years apart"

He was so goofy and definitely lived his life to the fullest. He always made you laugh. He really should have been in improv because he was really quick with his comebacks and making you laugh so hard. He loved to reenact movies, especially Blue Streak with Martin Lawrence and did it very well.

I miss him so much, however, every day I can look down at my tattoo sleeve and remind myself of the strength I've gained in the grieving process and to just keep climbing.

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