Wedding Videography

I am beyond excited to announce that I now offer full video services! It's been a long time coming for sure.

After losing my brother in a motorcycle accident the last video we had of him was from his best friend's wedding that was not even a month prior to his passing. The video we have of him means everything to me and really opened my eyes to how important videography really is. I knew I needed to give my clients this precious gift that videography brings.

Photography freezes time whereas in videography you can hear that person's voice again. You can see them in action as if they are alive again if they have passed.

To see my brothers smile in a video, to see him shaking his best friend's hand as he approached his best friend, and to see him happy is something no one can ever take away. And that is what videography does. Whether they are still living or if someone has passed, the video brings a whole other emotion to your memories that is timeless.

Rob is the lead videographer. He has done over 200 weddings and has traveled all over the world shooting weddings.

I can truly say after working with Rob weddings are his true love! "There is nothing like the opportunity to capture one of the most important days in a couple's life. Weddings are filled with emotions at their highest expression. Being able to capture that for the couple and knowing that they will be able to watch and relive those moments is magical. It is an honor to capture these moments for the start of the couple’s new journey."

Rob loves sports and music. He is an amateur Racquetball player and has been playing guitar and bass since 2002. His love and experience in music inspired him to create unique and memorable videos.

He truly has an incredible gift and I am honored to have him as a part of the Divine Team.