Celebrate at The Historical Wedding Venue 9 Aviles St. Augustine

Wedding Venue

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St. Augustine is known for its rich history and beautiful Spanish-inspired architecture. Tucked away on the oldest street in the country, Aviles Street is a beautiful, newly renovated venue that is perfect for an intimate and romantic wedding celebration. 9 Aviles St. Augustine is a wonderful choice for any couple looking for a space that is both modern and historic, elegant and whimsical. 

About The 9 Aviles St. Augustine Wedding Venue

9 Aviles Street, St. Augustine, FL 32804

9 Aviles, named after its historic address, sits in the heart of downtown on the oldest street in the country! The neighborhood is known for its charm; once the original Art District of the town, it’s not uncommon to spot horse-drawn carriages passing by down the cobblestone streets. 

Originally built in 1911, the 9 Aviles building has housed a variety of local businesses like City Electric and St John’s Motor Company. In 2018, the building underwent a major renovation. Then, in 2023, it opened as one of St. Augustine’s premiere venues. Today, it’s owned by husband and wife team Dave and Christy, who work hard to help couples have memorable, beautiful, and affordable wedding celebrations. 

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Details of the Grounds

9 Aviles is a beautiful event space that is ideal for an intimate wedding with plenty of historic charm and elegant style. It can accommodate up to 64 guests, perfect for a celebration with your closest friends and family. 

The main event space can be used for a ceremony, a reception, or both! An adjoining room creates a perfect cocktail hour. Either as guests arrive for your reception or while the room is being flipped. The space has vaulted wooden ceilings and multiple-tiered iron chandeliers that look modern while adding a unique historical aesthetic. White walls, arched windows and drapery, and a second-floor indoor balcony overlooking the space all contribute to 9 Aviles’ authentic St. Augustine historic aesthetic.

Photography Opportunities

9 Aviles is a gorgeous venue with an elegant ambiance perfect for photos that feel sophisticated but are still whimsical and full of personality. Details like the large “castle” doors and the space’s second-floor balcony are fun touches for photos. In addition to the beautiful arched windows looking out over the street. Additionally, one of the perks of the country’s oldest street is all of the details you can find just by stepping outside. Like cobblestone streets and vintage lamp posts. Booking a horse and carriage is also a great feature for photos. Plus, it’s the perfect way to enjoy a few private moments as you take a romantic tour around St. Augustine. 

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Wedding Details

9 Aviles takes the time and consideration to ensure every detail becomes accounted for on your wedding day. Making the planning process as stress-free as possible. While having a day-of coordinator is never a bad idea, 9 Aviles doesn’t require you to use one. Especially since they’ve covered so many details for you so your day runs smoothly. However, while someone from the venue will be onsite to oversee your event, their services do not include setup and teardown of your event decor. So, you may still want to consider bringing in a team to help! The last thing you and your partner want to be thinking of on your wedding day is cleaning up at the end of the night.

For example, they do have a list of required vendors. They all come pre-approved and have plenty of experience working at the venue. This way, you know that whichever vendors you use will be reliable and able to deliver a top-of-the-line experience. 9 Aviles also features an approved DJ whose equipment is coordinated to work seamlessly with the in-house sound system. So you know you’ll be getting an amazing entertainment experience!

9 Aviles also has a variety of decor items available for you to use, including colorful linens, chargers and napkin rings, flatware, candles, and more. 

I Hope You Plan The Perfect Day With A 9 Aviles St. Augustine Wedding

9 Aviles in St. Augustine is a fabulous choice for an intimate, beautiful wedding. As a St. Augustine photographer, I would love to help you capture your incredible day in timeless photos. My work forever honors the love and thought that was poured into your wedding day. Let’s connect!